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As a Mom, I would love to have more cooperative games to help my youngest be able to participate more. Board games are one of my husbands favorite pastimes! It would be great to own a high quality Christian game to play with the kids! We love cooperative games since we have a wide spread of ages in our family! Thanks for letting us know about this one, Amy! We are always looking for new family games! This sounds like something that would grow with us and that is exciting!! Our family loves strategy games, and I think cooperative games are great.

So this sounds interesting to me. I think my nine year old would love this game, and I hate to hear him and his sister arguing when they play a game against each other! I think this game will be really neat and easily lead into a more interesting Biblical history lesson Did it really happen that way? I would love to own this game. It would be a great game to play as a family and learn more about the kings of the old testament.

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This looks so neat! My kids are a bit young, but I think when the time comes to play some board games this would be great to use. This looks like such a well thought out game — and one with value as far as learning! We especially appreciate cooperative games that help us learn to work together. This sounds like a really fun game! We need alternatives to movie nights, and this sounds like something even Dad would like to play.

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Thanks for letting us know about it, and for the chance to win. Thanks for the giveaway and post. This game sounds like something my oldest would really enjoy!

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He loves History and strategy! We are finally nearing the age that the majority of our kids can play board games so we have been trying to add to our collection! I would love to win because we are always looking for fun ways to reinforce our learning of the Bible! Thank you for the opportunity to win this great game! With 6 boys and 3 girls, Kings of Israel would be a compelling adventure in our home. This would be such a fun learning tool and I love that it is not competitive! We love games in our family, and my dd especially loves the study of kings, including, but limited to the kings of the Bible.

This would be a neat game to have in our collection. Looks like a great game for my hubby to even sit down with us and play. He enjoys role playing games and also enjoys settlers of catan… might be right up his alley. Also excellent for bringing to church game night… excited: D hmmm might have to order and if we win the giveaway, use it as a gift for my parents lakehouse… they are always inviting families and usually have one game night a weekend.

We LOVE family game night, and we are always on the lookout for one that reinforces our values. My family plays a bunch of board games. Our kiddos LOVE board games! This looks like it would be a wonderful, educational game for them to play! Good Morning, Amy This game looks truly amazing. We have 6 kiddos at home. And they love games like this — which sometimes are hard to find.

Right now our favorite game is Ticket To Ride. We definitely need something new and exciting! Our family of 8 would love to win!! My husband is a major strategy-game enthusiast, but none of his games are Bible-based—yet! I love the idea that we can educate our children on biblical history AND he can pass along his love of strategy games.

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Thanks for offering the giveaway! This looks so fun! We also like to have regular family game nights. This looks like a fun game for our family! Like good movies, good games are sometimes hard to find these days: We are studying the book of Kings right now during our family Bible time, this would make a really nice addition: We like Bible games and strategy games. So this combination of the two aspects is attractive, especially since it will help players learn about the kings and prophets of Israel.

Many years ago I taught a Sunday School class on the kings—how interesting. That study definitely showed the heart of man with and without God and the consequences. To have this in game form—wow. Thank you for the give away. Always looking for things that are not so competitive for our family and this looks like a fun game to try. I would love to have this for my family. Aspen is getting SO big!! What a beautiful little lady: Thanks for helping newbies like me.

{GIVEAWAY} Kings of Israel – The Cooperative Board Game Your Entire Family Will Enjoy!

I know my boys would really enjoy this game. Hope I can surprise them with this.

Thank you for the opportunity! A bible based game seems right up our alley. Thank you for sharing and, also, for a chance at the giveaway. Thanks for having this giveaway. We love family game night and would love to have a new game to play! What a fun sounding game! My family loves playing games and the Biblical aspect makes it even better. I believe this game will help me to have a better comprehension of the kings of Isreal. This would be a great way to study with my friends at collage and to play with my family back home. I am also in the process of looking for great Christain based products for my future husband and children.

I would like something to draw in my 16 year old son and this looks like just the thing! Working together as a team sounds amazing! My family always enjoys a great board game, especially one that can involve a variety of ages, and include biblical themes, even better!! I have actually wanted this game since you wrote about it last year!

We have a family game night every week and my kids would love this! Glad to see some Christian options like this! I have only recently heard of cooperative games where the players are a team against the game. I am intrigued by this concept. The Kings of Israel game sounds fun, challenging, and good for an entire family.

With differing ages, it can sometimes be difficult to find games we can all play together. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win one. We would love this game! Our family plas lots of board games and it is always great to have a game that works for different ages and is Christian based. Trusted secondary ticket market provider CapitalCityTickets. Latest News Top News. US slams repression in Zimbabwe. Lithuania attracts London fintech firms as Brexit looms. Pentagon launches probe into certification of SpaceX rockets. At least one of those subscriptions MUST be a paid subscription.

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lisa lynne coupon code Lisa lynne coupon code
lisa lynne coupon code Lisa lynne coupon code
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