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Again, think Julian Bakery. Deborah Krueger http: I have no stake in the company what so ever. I only went to my local shop and they recommended it I tried it I enjoy the bread and it seems to work. I am aware that Julian bread has falsified information. I was 1 of the first people to say that with the new low carb number 2. It is on its way via Fedex and due to arrive on Saturday. I have a question for you Issac. I notice that the Omega Power Bread is the only bread you have for sale but you talk about other breads on your website. I am wondering if they are for sale also.

Is the Omega Power Bread your own original recipe as you say, or are you perhaps purchasing 44 lb. I used to buy their bagels from a diet store in NJ and they also raised my blood sugar. I'm not diabetic, but it's in my family so I only eat low carb. I always felt they tasted "too good" to be low carb.

Have you had any experience with the ThinSlim or Health Wise brands? The ThinSlim bagels do not raise my blood sugar which doesn't surprise me due to their taste: Thank you for you diligence concerning this issue. I am not about whether a product is high or low carb and I am all about being told the truth. I want a true label on a product-any product.

As I started down this path originally with the whole Julian Bakery false labeling I have now come to realize that there are hundreds of mislabeled low carb products. If you are diabetic or just want to lead a low carb lifestyle then you had better educate yourself and this takes time…lots and lots of time and in the end, I believe it is will be well worth your effort. He writes, he blogs, he does radio, and he does web videos interviewing some of the most knowledgeable doctors and authors there are.

And then check out Laura Dolson.

She has more information on her website than you can imagine and she has low carb recipes-and I mean lots of recipes. Sign up to receive their new postings.

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Some you may not like or agree with everything but I guarantee one thing…you will learn…a lot. Buy a couple of low-carb cookbooks. The best that I have found for myself is Low Carbing Among Friends and not only is it low carb it is gluten free.


Low carb bread: Another fairy tale bites the dust

Much as we would all like to think it: There are no free lunches. Heath Squier of Julian Bakery may be up to his old tricks…again. All I can say is: You Celiacs out there cannot eat this bread-it is full of gluten. It arrived Friday and I set myself up to test it this morning. My readings were a bit strange as they went up, down, up and then down again but hey, our bodies can do strange things on any given day. For me, this is a pretty tight blood glucose range. My assessment of the bread: The loaf weighed Not good but easily remedied. The bread is extremely dry and a bit crumbly but very dense and is probably a result of the low fat content.

I did not particularly care for the taste of the bread but taste is one of those things that is extremely subjective. Maybe if you toasted the bread and slathered it with butter that would help. Butter on anything helps. Issac never answered the question about whether he buys this as a mix and adds his own water and yeast or whether he indeed did come up with the formula himself for his diabetic grandmother. I do know you can purchase this exact product from Red Square in Canada. Their web address is http: You may talk with Angela or Mark. If you find bread you like, then stay with it.

I find it strange that you are not a diabetic and you test your blood sugar but whatever. My advice is to buy raw ingredients and cook from scratch. That way you know what you are putting into your body. Here is a link to see what the FDA will do to you when you mislabel your products. This was a bakery in New Jersey and the key word is was. And this is another story-video Arnold Diaz did regarding EatRite products. As a result, I was able to get my A1c from pre diabetes territory 5. I don't test on a regular basis.

You should test the Paleo bread they make Julian Bakery It has a simple ingredient list and claims it's made with coconut flour. Anyways I'm curious about the effect of the Paleo Bread. The ingredients used to make these breads are naturally low carb although, ironically not marketed as such by Julian's. I've made homemade low carb paleo bread from almond and coconut flours before, but the Julian's is much more convenient. My husband recently had to give up gluten as well after being diagnosed with late stage, neurological lyme disease.

He's always loved his SAD white bread diet, without suffering from obesity, and never liked my low carb, grain-free foods. Now, he can eat his precious sandwiches on grain-free bread and avoid all that inflammation. I don't want to see the company totally tarred and feathered, because they are the only company that sells a pre-made, grain-free paleo bread product!

As a working woman 2 jobs, 60 hrs a week supporting a very ill young husband, I really appreciate their almond and coconut flour breads, which before were a great hardship to make from scratch for my picky, sick husband. It's very obvious that Julian Bakery made the decision to mis-represent their products which lead to and could have lead to all sorts of issues. But for those of us who were loyal customers, no matter the carb count, it really sucks that a product we've grown to really love just disappear.

I don't think one can make a definite conclusion from one hypotheses using one measurement, I think it could use quite a few more measurements of different individuals with different conditions etc.. I know there are many people who follow Dr. Eenfeldt and I myself have posted on this blog regarding Julian Bakery. My last post was over four months ago. I have been silent and I have been busy. A couple of days ago I launched a new website at http: Old Heath Squier is at it again. This is quite an interesting story. There are some of the usual suspects and probably some you have never heard of.

There is a lot of information including Dreamfields Pastas, graphs for each product I have glucose tested 12 , lab result comparisons, videos, personal information, and a whole host of other stuff. The United States food and drug monstrosities have become a very sad state-of-affairs not only for us but for most of the rest of the world, let alone the abuse that the diabetic and low carb communities have been dealt.

Mine is only one opinion and yours may differ but I believe the more that join the conversation the better. I wrote to Dr. I have tried, as possible, to put the pages in chronological order as it is easier to follow in the beginning. Today 3: Deborah knows this and now will pay the price legally for lying about the Julian Bakery. Who cares? Coupon Codes: 10% Savings w/ February Coupons, Deals, Promo Codes

Seems to me that if the Pure Wraps papers are brown and the Paleo Wraps papers are white, which ones are really bleached and which ones are not? Maybe the Pure Wraps papers are bleached and re-dyed brown? Are we to believe that it takes about an hour for chlorine to dissipate out of water which is after all put into water to kill bacteria and that Gary Collins just happened to have some 9 to 10 month old Pure Wraps papers stored somewhere and sent the paper to be tested? Are you kidding me? Or maybe…Heath still had a stash of Pure Wraps that he took from Todd.

And poor Gary, he seems to be allergic to chloride which we all at least eat in the form of some kind of salt. The human body needs salt. Sodium ions are basic in reaction while the chloride ions are acidic and they are together responsible for the acid base equilibrium in the body. My advice to Gary: Stay out of chlorinated swimming pools.

I have no idea the relationship Gary Collins and Heath Squier share but I know this-Gary has put himself and his reputation on the line and it really does not look all that good. Gary says: Additionally and lastly Gary, you make yourself look foolish allowing Heath Squier to manipulate your puppet strings. There is an excellent recipe using psyllium husk powder and either coconut or almond flour. Tastes good, acts like bread. The premise that bread requires gluten or flour is no longer true.

Someone found a work around. Thank God. The new line of bagels and bread are really tasty. I tested my blood sugar after eating a plain bagel and it only went to , so I'm sold. If you're not one to bake your own breads like I am , I recommend this line. Thanks Reply: This is going to be a long post I mean ridiculously long and I hope you stay along for the ride. I hope most of you know whenever, wherever, and whatever I have written in any of several places that I always identify myself including contact information-so, this is me Deborah Krueger, writing to let you know what has happened in the last several months regarding the Heath Squier-Julian Bakery vs Deborah Krueger lawsuit.

If you get this several times it is because I am putting it on three separate DietDoctor postings where as many people as possible will see it. I will also be posting it on my website. Some of you may not agree and that is OK and certainly your right. This is absolutely NOT about how good or how bad the Julian Bakery bread was or tasted and it is totally about Heath Squier knowingly targeting and marketing falsely labeled breads to people who believed those labels.

Heath Squier filed a Defamation lawsuit against me on October 18th, and I believe he knew at the time it would never fly. My websites will stay up and I am free to write here today because Heath dismissed his own lawsuit, certainly not anything a plaintiff would ever normally do when they think they have a good case. Unfortunately for Heath, he lives in California where the strongest Anti-Slapp laws exist. Since Heath dismissed his own case we can not file the Anti-Slapp but if he ever decides to re-file, which he has threatened me with doing, we are ready and he would be unable to ever dismiss it again.

Come hell or high water he would have to see it through and the outcome could be pretty ugly. Good question and I think there are several answers. I was just some poor old woman who could easily be squashed like a bug with a little ill-gotten Julian Bakery money. Pardon me, but I was pissed as hell and make no mistake-the Julian Bakery knowingly made millions of dollars selling falsely labeled breads and they have never been made to pay. Before I began testing his breads and commenting on blogs pretty much anything anyone had been saying was only anecdotal.

Time was passing and people were forgetting and hey, with a daily targeted market of over 5, newly diagnosed diabetics, see below that had never seen or heard any of Dr. And as we know that this is what happens, this post will also pass and people will forget or lose interest which is why I feel it is important continuing to let people know. Remember the Dreamfields Pasta scandal? Well now there is, as I write, a class action lawsuit well underway. As Dan said above; Heath Squier should be made to pay back the millions he and his company bilked from diabetics and the low carb community and that would take a class action lawsuit against him.

I am not that person but there is someone who qualifies as a perfect lead plaintiff they have agreed and I am pretty sure there are lawyers out there willing to take the case. I have a list of them in California Remember this: They are paid out of settlement proceeds because it is the attorney or many attorneys who do the work and post all the upfront monies. Honestly, it escapes me why a class action lawsuit against the Julian Bakery was not filed long ago. One of the chickenshit things Heath and his attorney did was contact my internet provider to have me take down his Julian Bakery logo along with a couple of other images.

OK, no problem and his right to do it and I still say it was chickenshit. His images are copied and all over the internet. I was able to obtain a good image of him that he has no rights to and his logo? I made a much better one. My attorney spoke with the head honcho attorney of Whole Foods and he was assured I did not interfere with anything. But I will say this; I would love to have been a fly on the paperwork as Heath lied his way into Whole Foods. Heath was talking about working with a lab and nutritionist I assume his mother Barbara as he keeps calling her that.

Of course we all know that Heath had never had any of his breads tested until I came along. Think about this: I was the first person to ever actually have any Julian Bakery bread tested. If I am wrong then Heath can start producing his lab results from nearly 4 years ago. So…hey Heath where are all those lab and diabetic tests you have promised myriad people all over the internet over the years?

You know Heath; sometimes your statements can come back years later only to bite you in the ass. Bottom line: Doug Varrieus later goes on to say: It's the most ridiculous statement I've ever read. You have a responsibility to the public to be honest with your claims, you're putting people's health in jeopardy for your own profits! If you had a diabetic child I wonder if you'd feed your cow food to them? Of course you would'nt [sic] Diabetics beware, if you eat this stuff you're eating bread that will spike your blood sugar.

If it walks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck And then, low and behold 8 months later on December 11th, in saunters good old Johnny-come-lately Mr. Matt Besley see more on Besley below who to date is the only Type I diabetic to have ever made testimony to the old Smart Carb breads- now how do you suppose he made it to this blogspot? Directed by Heath perhaps? Fast forward nearly 3 years to July 18th, to a hurried and ridiculously pithy interview with Gary Collins where Heath pleads ignorance.

At the time she thought it was a very healthy low carb product. She used a software program to develop the ingredients in order to make the product low carb. That was your job right? Former FDA special criminal investigative agent? Heath goes on: Are you really sorry your information was wrong or are you just sorry you got caught? See Below. The only thing that I have ever given Heath Squier credit for is his marketing ability and he did market his products well. If you watch this very short video put up by Google in June, you can see how Heath was targeting the low carb community and by default diabetics.

His only problem was his timing. I wish. Now Heath, as the plaintiff, would have to prove this charge. The exact cause of Type I diabetes is unknown but in most people with Type I, the body's own immune system, which normally fights harmful bacteria and viruses, mistakenly destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.

In a Type I diabetic, there is ZERO insulin produced to allow glucose to enter cells, so sugar builds up in the bloodstream where it can cause life-threatening complications. Jeff took about half a unit of humalog insulin to cover 1g net carbohydrate. After eating 2 pieces of bread? Do you? Heath has stated all over the internet for years that he was going to start posting diabetic responses and to this day he has never followed thru with his statements.

All of our results show almost no increase in blood sugar. All one can say is WOW. Believe me this is the envy and dream of every company worldwide. Do not give them any of your hard earned money for anything. For a product you can buy from Heath…you can always buy it somewhere else and why not purchase legitimate products made by people who actually care about your health and…if anything were to go wrong, they would correct it.

As Dr. Every time any Julian Bakery product ad comes up on any website you visit, just click on it. This only takes a second or so, and be sure to let the little red heart come up. Pretty easy huh? Since I am on the internet all the time I used to just be irritated by the JB ads and closed them-but now? I click on his ads every chance I get. You actually have to bid for that top spot-so click away and have fun. In closing, and yes everything ends at some point, I would like to thank you all again for your support. This post has been a cathartic War and Peace pun intended as far as length is concerned.

So if you have gotten this far you have read just over 3, words. Can't tell you how happy i am for you, a modern 'David' making a modern day 'Goliath' responsible for their false advertising. In the midst of the lies, I thought I would mention a truth. Fortunately for me I got my low carb bread from this bakery in Florida. It uses almond flour, and doesn't claim any UN-digestible carbs. Low carb almond flour and high fiber, and it is the best bread I have ever had! Welcome to Webb s Refreshments where the customer receives hometown attention and service with the product selection and technology of our corporate competitors.

Sir Pizza has been serving Rutherford County for over 50 years, with 3 Murfreesboro locations! Our menu includes pizza, pasta, salads, subs and more. We also offe…. Centrally located in Murfreesboro, Select Inn Murfreesb…. I'm originally from Pennsylvania, and this is where I go to get some good ol' southern hospitality. The waiters and I think the owners are very ve…. Ever since the s when its roots were planted in the village of Leiper's Fork, Tenn.

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